My name is Mike Hazel. I am  a  Psychic Tarot  reader  and am willing  to shed  light  on all the areas  that concern you and pose obstacles  on your way. I started  with  a deck  2 years  ago  and was fascinated  by it. Was  providing readings  for friends  and family  and  found out  was making a lot of sense. Could  feel  an attachment , an opening  to  new energies. No matter  how  I spread  the cards, I  was always managing to  tie it up together  and  tailor it to the  reading.
Seeing that  there was potential there,  International Medium  Genie Marie  decided to  train me further and attune me to  the healing energies. Reflected  further  and  discovered  that  by embracing  the light  and allowing it  to  become my guide   ,was able to  find more truth and  stability  over my  past ,present life.
A lot changed since then  and  realised  that   purity of  heart  and love  is the  key  to  help people and guide them   to  find peace and  prosperity  in their lives.The cards  is the conduit  and the bearer  of  them  is the key  to  use them  in the best possible way   for people’s  highest good. You  only need to reach out  to  the  light and it   will always be there  to show you the way,no matter what  difficulties you are facing.
We all have  guides  watching over us. Make sure  that  you allow in  your loving ,caring ,prudent  guides , when  you go through  a rough patch. They  will  always hear you out and  show you the way  with little  signs  ,that only you  will be able to  recognise  and  interpret.
Readings can be done either online on Skype  or  by Email. All you need to do  is  ask your question mentally  while  am shuffling the cards and reflect your situation. Make sure you have a full glass of water by your side for the purposes of cleansing. Tea lights and the burning of essential oils  can help attune you to the reading. All questions and vague points will be elucidated.
I believe  that we all possess  that very ability  to  reach out to our goals  by  embracing the healing light  and accepting ourselves without shame and prejudice. Believe in yourselves and you will realise that you can bring on positive changes in your lives. With love ,patience and determination  even miracles can come true!