Mediumship and Tarot readings.

Mediumship  and Tarot  readings with  International  Medium Genie Marie  and  Psychic reader Mike Hazel.
Our  aim is  to  provide  guidance and  enlighten  your  path ,by  giving you  a  different  perspective  over  dealing  with  everyday  worries  and  obstacles. We  provide  Tarot, Mediumship  readings  covering all  aspects  and  matters, that  seem  to  trouble you. Our  experience  in  the  field  guarantees  tangible  results  and  the  chance to  see  future with  more  insight  and clarity.
All  questions  will  be  answered  at  the  end  of  every  reading,  to  make  sure  there  are  no  vague  points. Satisfaction and accuracy  guaranteed.
Readings  can  be  done  either  by  email  or  Skype, a  matter that  will  be  discussed   prior to  your  session. The  time  and  the  particulars  will  be tailored  to  fit  your  timetable  and  your needs.Our  main  priority is  to  create a cosy environment, which  will  help  you  open  up and  attune to  the  readings  of  your  choice.
Embrace  the  healing  light,  cast  out  negativity  and  prepare  yourselves  for  a  unique experience , which  will  forever  change your  lives and   lead  you  to  an  inner  transformation.
Love and  blessings  to  you all. 

Genie Marie
Genie Marie  was voted “Psychic of the Millennium  ” by Justin Toper in the Daily Mirror (2001)
“Genie Marie  thought she  was going mad when she first saw spirits as a child.
And for years the North London mum tried to hide her psychic powers because she was worried what people would think. 
But eventually she overcame her fears with the help of her spirit guide, Mary. 
She said: “I am a natural psychic. It’s in my family but they chose to keep it from me until I had made up my own mind about it.” 
Genie has read for soap stars, pop singers and even a member of the Saudi royal family.Ian James Maxwell (By Justin Toper  -The Mirror-1999)


Psychic Genie Marie

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About Mike
“Mike is a natural psychic, who uses the tarot cards to tap into your psyche and answer your personal questions. He has been  trained and approved by Genie Marie ,who has guided him and attuned him to healing energies. He is  the  author of  PSYCHICGENIEMARIA   and will be keeping you posted  on weekly basis  as to what is  new on our web page.”


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