About Mike

Hi my name is Mike, I am an intuitive Tarot Card reader.

I was handed an old deck of cards back in time by a medium who started to train me. This opened my abilities and I found the cards to act as a kind of doorway to guide and heal clients.

I found after studying I no longer needed the original meaning of the cards as my intuition started opening.

I use the cards to guide people about past-present-future.

I work on any aspect and need only a question. Sometimes the cards go further than the actual question and portray more aspects of your life. I feel I must explain to you my cards have been blessed and I work for the highest good. The tarot cards have nothing to do with lower energies and have been designed to work as a conduit to give you a better insight into your situations. I work with truth and light and find it very rewarding to be able to give clients clarity and shed light on their blockages and setbacks. Many Blessings do feel free to use our contact form if you need more information.


In-depth tarot readings on any aspect of your life are £45 GBP.

Readings will be done via email.

Please make payment via PayPal to mike.hazel79@gmail.com and email us to confirm along with your question for the reading.

As soon as the PayPal is cleared the respective reading will be sent within 48 hours.
You don't need a PayPal account to make payment - choose the 'check out as a guest' option